👋 Hi, I'm Jay, a designer, developer & gardener 🌱

I'm currently a Senior Digital Designer at Employment Hero, a Sydney-based HR software company on a mission to make Work, Easy.


MOBI is the digital partner of hospitality, an enterprise-grade ecosystem for restaurant brands.

In 2022, after securing series C funding, we rolled out a new company name and identity. The design team ensured MOBI maintained a consistent look for our global customer base.

Here's a selection of graphics showing how we operate as a leader in the digital hospitality space.

MOBI Website Hero
MOBI Fast 50 MOBI Industry Trends
MOBI Value Propisition Simplified MOBI Value Propisition Detailed
MOBI Global Workforce

I work closely with clients to integrate their brand identity with MOBI's white-label digital ordering system.

The UI/UX is customised so their users receive a seamless ordering experience across multiple platforms including desktop, mobile, kiosks, and QR table ordering.

Check out our implementations for Sal's Pizza and Carl's JR Australia ⇨

MOBI X Sals Cuba Street
MOBI X Carl's JR
MOBI App Demo
MOBI Mobile Home MOBI Mobile Product View MOBI Mobile Order View
MOBI Desktop

Once a year MOBI runs Rocket Launch, an internal hackathon where we rapidly develop new features for our customers.

In 2022 my team created a prototype for integration with GETCHANGE.IO to allow guests to round up their change and donate it to a social cause of the restaurant's choosing.

MOBI Rocket Launch Logo MOBI Getchange Prototype MOBI Getchange Prototype
MOBI Getchange Prototype MOBI Getchange Prototype MOBI Getchange Prototype

two/fiftyseven is a creative co-working space with the mantra: "a supportive place to ____________ together."

Where the local community fills in the blank.

Contributing artist Xoë Hall summed it up best: "The better future we dream of is already real life at 2/57; the beating heart of a future Wellington world."

I work out of this space, help look after their plants and maintain the website using Webflow.

For the opening exhibition, I designed the brochure collating submissions from 17 artists across Aotearoa.

twofiftyseven.co ⇨
257 Space
257 Website
257 Space
257 Opening Exhibition Flyer
257 Website
2/57 Plants 2/57 Plants

In 2018—19 I was the Art Director and Digital Designer for this Hong Kong based youth fashion web store run via Shopify.

Shown here are some editorial campaigns used for on-site, social media, and email direct marketing.

These campaigns were made in collaboration with the photographer Amiee Oh ⇨

Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 01
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 02
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 03
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 04
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 01
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 02
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 03
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 04
Alien Mood Social Giveaway Alien Mood Social Giveaway

PALS, a streetwear label in Niseko, Japan, ran a community clean up event. I designed this tote bag as a gift for volunteers who signed up to help out.

It reads "THANK YOU For not using a plastic bag."

PALS Totes Bagz
PALS Thanks Detail

In 2022 I completed an online Permaculture Living Course. I'm grateful to have a garden space where I'm planting for abundance and putting the teachings into practice.

I'm now exploring ways of bringing the core principles into my design practice: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.

The course was run out of Australia by Milkwood ⇨

My happy place Local food networks
Powerplant Powerplant Powerplant