👋 Hi, I'm Jay, a designer, developer & gardener 🌱

I'm currently a senior digital designer at MOBI, a Wellington based SaaS company serving the global hospitality industry.


MOBI is the digital partner of hospitality, providing an enterprise-grade ecosystem for restaurant brands.

In 2022, after securing series C funding, we rolled out a new company name and identity.

The design team ensured MOBI maintained a consistent look for our global customer base.

I designed these social ads and infographics to illustrate how the various components of the company collaborate to deliver value for enterprise restaurant brands.

MOBI Fast 50 MOBI Industry Trends
MOBI Value Propisition Simplified MOBI Value Propisition Detailed MOBI Rocket Launch Logo
MOBI Global Workforce

Working closely with our clients I integrate their brand identity with MOBI's white-label digital ordering system. Check out our implementation for Zambrero.

The UI/UX is customised so their users receive an intuitive ordering experience and can easily navigate complex menus.

Recently, we began rolling out a dietary filtering feature. This allows guests to quickly find items suitable for their dietary needs, speeding time to checkout and thereby increasing conversion.

MOBI X Zambrero UI MOBI X Zambrero UI MOBI X Zambrero UI
MOBI Mobile Home MOBI Mobile Product View MOBI Mobile Order View

I spend a lot of time listening to our customers and seeking to understand their needs.

Combining this with analysis of their websites, it became apparant that many of these sites' primary focus was to promote voucher code deals or new / short-term promo products.

In response, the design and product teams developed a new Promo Banners feature.

Now, our customers can seamlessly integrate their marketing campaigns directly with the MOBI storefront.

MOBI Banner Vouchers MOBI Banner Show Product MOBI Banner Show Category

Previously, I was a senior digital designer on the Marketing team at this Sydney based HR and payroll platform, on a mission to make work easy.

The Design Studio collaborated closely with the Brand and Content teams to develop strategic and engaging campaigns aimed at generating leads and positioning the company as a thought leader.

This involved creating guides and tools for SmBs and breaking down complex product features into easily digestable and engaging content.

EH Employee Engagement EH Work Easy
EH Publication 1
EH Employee Engagement EH Work Easy
EH Publication 2
Hiring essentials
EH Publication 3

An ongoing project in collaboration with the Aotearoa Digital Arts Network and developer Harriet Waldron.

We built out a modern headless front-end site with React and Gatsby.js connected to ADA's archive of stored art data in WordPress.

I developed a modern visual langauge for the organization with nods to their lofi roots.

This is a real labour of love and we continue to develop the project.

ADA 01
ADA 01
ADA 02
ada-random-copy ADA 03
ADA 04
ADA 04

In 2018—19 I was the art director and digital marketing designer for this Hong Kong based fashion web store run via Shopify.

Shown here are some editorial campaigns used for on-site, social media, and email direct marketing.

These campaigns were made in collaboration with the photographer Amiee Oh.

Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 01
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 02
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 03
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 04
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 01
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 01
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 02
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 03
Alien Mood Private Server Campaign 04

Menu design, illustrations and dietary information for Wellington restaurant Viva! Mexico.

A playful typographic exploration using traditional Lucha Libre wrestling posters as the starting point.

Typeface: Gooper.

Viva Menu Front Viva Menu Back

In 2022 I completed an online Permaculture Design Course. I'm grateful to have a garden space where I'm planting for abundance and putting the teachings into practice.

I'm now exploring ways of bringing the core principles into my design practice: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Poster design for the Urban Kai Network in Wellington, NZ and a tote bag design for a community cleanup event in Niseko, Japan.

My happy place Local food networks